Who Do We Work With?

Youth | Artists | Schools | Businesses | Cities

Youth | We have a core commitment to partnering with youth in and out of school. This includes helping to translate 3D printed designs into full-scale objects, training and employing young people and supporting their own design and product aspirations.

Artists | Collaborations with artists allow us to introduce new materials and mediums to their work, creating new and affordable pathways for communities to experience and acquire their work.

Schools | Our school work assumes two distinct paths- 1) the reinvention of existing spaces to convert into new environments and specialized builds to meet instructional and learning needs that are age and development appropriate; and 2) to build partnerships with existing fab lab and maker programs that leverages their skills and technology towards public arts projects beyond school walls.

Businesses & Cities | Businesses in need of custom displays, furniture, signage and integration of art are a core activity of the Studio. This includes partnerships with business improvement districts and city officials seeking ways to abate graffiti and strengthen small business corridors.  

Prototyping | Design | Manufacturing| Procurement

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